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Jul 13, 2014 Comments Off on Welcome

Welcome to my campaign’s new website. I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit. I would like to go over some of the main issues I would like to address if elected by you. First, I would like everyone to know my main focus will be trying to get the education system fixed where children actually learn and retain that knowledge for years to come. I believe that this has to be done by letting educators determine what works and not the politicians. I understand the lawmakers will have to agree with what the educators say for the laws to be passed. I still feel educators know their job better than any politician ever will.

A close second is to find out where money is wasted in the budget. Again, this means getting the right people that know where to look and find the problems. Yes we have businessmen in our political arena already; it seems that they have not been able to figure out the problem however. Just like with education, this is something that needs to be done by professional accountants and forensic accountants.

My third agenda item is the infrastructure of the country. This includes roads, the power grid, dams, ports, inland waterways, and other forms of transportation. With the education system being overhauled and the economy (jobs and the value of the dollar) budgeted to make sense, this should allow for a complete upgrading and repairing of our infrastructure. Once this is done, delays will be minimized, undo wear and tear on vehicles will reduce, and the likelihood of system failures will decline.

When these three major items that need real attention are addressed and true solutions put into place, then focusing on other issues should will be easier. In my humble opinion, without these three agendas being addressed our country will continue to decline. These are issues I believe the everyday, hard working men and women need addressed to better their lives. I know because I am one of those men that drive the roads in the vehicle I own, my wife sees the taxes taken out of her paycheck and it not being use efficiently, and my kids deal with the lowering education standard that does not compete with the rest of the industrialized world.

-Sam Gaskins